Front-end Day

Elieff Center, Sofia, Bulgaria

Front-end and mobile developers day

by Georgi Petrov | Jun 02, 2011
The first front-end and mobile development conference in Bulgaria.
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    • A Brief History of HTML5

      by Georgi Petrov | Mar 31, 2011

      by Zi Bin Cheah

      A journey back in time. Let's understand the origins of HTML5, it's current status and the road ahead.

      HTML5 is the rage in town, but little did we know that HTML5 was once a lonely child, and was only welcomed into W3C's big family in 2007.  And now HTML5 encompasses everything  - from the Video element, to coffee-making. In this session let's dive into the history of HTML5 and why HTML5's 2012 or 2022 maturity date doesn't matter. We will take a look at the the current features and the new HTML5 goodies coming to many browsers near you.

    • Write Once, Run on Many

      by Georgi Petrov | Mar 22, 2011

      by Michal Budzynski

      In the days of countless number of systems and mobile devices porting games and applications is expensive and consume too much time. And here comes Javascript with its Phonegap framework and blur the difference between native & web apps.

    • The Future of the Mobile Web

      by Georgi Petrov | Feb 23, 2011

      by PPK

      Currently there's a discussion raging about the advantages of the mobile web over native apps, and vice versa. Although native apps will not disappear, they'll gradually grow less important relative to the web.

      In this session we'll take a look at the future of the mobile web, which looks bright. The web is the only way of deploying an application on all mobile platforms, and that alone will make it economically interesting. Besides, on the crossroads between mobile and web we may find new ways to pay for content, new ways to distribute web apps, and further integration of web technologies with mobile technologies such as SMS.

    • Adaptive Web Design

      by Georgi Petrov | Feb 21, 2011

      by Alexander Gyoshev

      With the rapid expansion of the smartphone and tablet markets, web developers need to start thinking about the many contexts in which their websites will be browsed. The explosion of display sizes and browser capabilities require a robust model of creating websites.


The event is going to take place in the cozy Elieff Center located at 1 Universtitetski Park St., Studentski Grad Sofia 1700, Bulgaria


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